Tuesday, March 9, 2010


In a way Chloe is very predictable. If there is a trend: Chloe knows it.
The Chloe collection is like a summary of all obvious trends from the recently passed FW 2010 fashion weeks , but that sounds worse than it actually is.
Because Chloe is maybe the one who does it best.

And there was fur..at Chanel: Paris Fashion week FW 2010

The thing with Chanel is that its image is so unreachable high that you almost wouldn't dare to try and damage it. And if you would dare, it would feel unright cause you know Karl Lagerfeld is capable to create heaven.
But what happened with heaven in Fall 2010? To me it almost felt like King Karl put all his effort in the outstanding Fendi collection presented last week. Of course this is total nonsense, but still.
Nevertheless the knitting techniques were outrageous: never seen before innovative knits.
Maybe it's cause I'm fed up with all the fur, and yes, I know Fendi had a fur overload as well, but at least it was presented and integrated in some very sophisticated and new born pieces.
Just take a look at these next four pictures and decide for yourself:

MEN MEN MEN! Favourite pictures from Tommy Ton via GQ.com

Favourite pictures from Tommy Ton via Style.com: Fashion Week

Italian Vogue: The Great Illusion: Lara Stone by Paolo Roversi

Compliments to stylist Oliver Rizzo

Best of PARIS fashion week FW 2010: Stella McCartney

Minimalism and contrasting fabrics. That maybe sounds cliche but wasn't at all at Stella McCartney's FW 2010 collection. Of course she was the queen of colour again in a most subtile way, but besides that this collection almost felt like she took a little more risk with more bare legs and less wearable 'casuals'.

Monday, March 8, 2010